hailing from pittsburgh, pa, thecatch is a three-piece pop/rock band ready to take flight.

​Formed from two original members of MH3 (a.k.a. the Mark Harvilla Trio), theCatch creates music meant to move you. From humor to drama and everything in between, music by theCatch runs the gamut, and everyone is sure to find something to love.theCatch is lead by Mark Harvilla's strong vocals and unforgettable hooks, backed by the impeccable rhythm of original MH3 bassist, John "Junnie Jun Jun" Shermenti and Eric "Mills" Miller on percussion.

​After MH3 disbanded in 2007, Mark, John, and Eric all returned to school, taking a five-year hiatus from music. Mark has since earned a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from CMU, John has earned a Bachelor's in History from California University of PA, and Eric an Associate's in Recording Arts from Full Sail. With their educations behind them, the trio are once again dedicated to music… and the music is better than ever.

All of theCatch's releases will be accompanied by professionally-produced music videos, meant to introduce the audience to more than just the songs. theCatch is a new band, defined not just by the songs they create, but by the very personalities that create them, and all of the fun, crazy, and hilarious moments along the way. theCatch's premiere release, "Breathe", reflects matured songwriting by Harvilla. The music video features an inside look at the band recording the song, with no shortage of beautiful shots of the Pittsburgh skyline. theCatch's second release, "Try", features a sexually-themed video of the full band's performance. The video for "Try" stars Cara Parrish of MTV's BUCKWILD, and is sure to titillate the senses. (But, don't take our word for it, watch for yourself!)

​Be sure to like theCatch on Facebook ( and subscribe on YouTube (, or as our collective parents would say: "theCatch is coming to The YouTube, Tweeter, or MyFace near you."